My fellow readers,

It saddens me to say this, but as of today I will no longer be posting on Paper Heart Chronicles.

A little over a year ago, I started this project as a creative outlet, and never imagined that it could become something so special. Now, I am unable to continue posting due to a lack of space on the server. Nonetheless, seeing as how committed I am to blogging, I have launched a new site, and one that is bound (and equipped!) to last.

I present to you Cutting Edges, my latest creative endeavor. It is a way to start fresh, and I really hope you will all continue to follow me on my new venture into the wonderful world of blogging.

Thank you to all who have been following Paper Heart Chronicles, and I hope to see you all over on Cutting Edges.

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August 2014 Playlist

august 2014 playlist

This month’s playlist is all about celebrating the final days of summertime! Although we still have almost two months till fall, it feels like it’s coming so quickly. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and hopefully this music will set the right mood for you to do so!

Osheaga 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetCalifornia has Coachella, we have Osheaga! My adventures this year at Osheaga were certainly very fun, despite the extremely crowded festival site! Filled with a carefully crafted selection of some of the best bands, booths and food trucks, this festival certainly did not disappoint it’s festival-goers! Some of the headliners this year at the weekend-long festival were Outkast, Jack White, Lorde, Arctic Monkeys, Foster the People, HAIM, Band of Horses, Sam Roberts Band, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and Chvrches. All the performers that I saw were amazing, but I did have my favourites of the day! Here’s a recap of my top moments on August 3rd, 2014 at Osheaga.20140805-203559-74159729.jpgMatt Mays was the first to perform on sunday, and he was great! The crowd hadn’t all arrived yet, and so it was intimate for a big stage performance, and the Canadian singer/songwriter was fantastic!20140805-203600-74160448.jpgFoxtrott, an up-and-coming techno-fusion project from right here in Montreal. Very interesting, and definitely captured the audience and took you into a fantastical, dreamy zone. 20140805-203600-74160088.jpgVance Joy, a recent favourite of mine, performed all of his best songs, including Emmylou and Riptide. Love, love, loved him!20140805-203601-74161033.jpgKodaline performed a small, acoustic set a few hours before their actual performance. It was intimate, with a crowd of no more than 60 people, and their no-mics, no speakers rendition of All I Want had the entire crowd singing along.20140805-203601-74161412.jpgThe Kooks, one of my favourite bands, didn’t fail to disappoint! They played their hits, and their energy was perfect for the hot, summer day! They had us all dancing to naive, Junk of The Heart and She Moves In Her Own Way.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetKodaline’s actual performance was also amazing. They had a fantastic set and their love for music made us love their fantastic music.20140805-203603-74163539.jpgAh, my loves, Half Moon Run. They were the main reason as to why I chose sunday as the day to go to Osheaga. They are hands down one of my favourite bands and I was so happy to see them live for the first time. I swooned over their performances of Call me In The Afternoon and Need It, among others from the set.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetShowing my support!20140805-203604-74164036.jpgThe H&M Loves Music Booth at Osheaga, equipped with purple umbrellas and pretty lights! Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with lv03 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with c1 preset20140805-203602-74162382.jpg

See you all next year!

The Fray Live in Montreal

Last night, The Fray took the stage at Metropolis, following opening bands Oh Honey and Barcelona. All three bands wowed the crowd and left us wanting more! Starting with Oh Honey, an indie-folk rock five piece band, who had the crowd dancing with their sweet male-female harmonies and uplifting melodies. Next was Barcelona, an electronic pop band who’s smooth, mellow tunes set a very relaxed vibe that I very much enjoyed. And then of course, The Fray came on, playing all the crowd favourites, as well as a selection of new, and very different (in a good way!) songs!

20140805-190317-68597629.jpg20140805-190317-68597970.jpgOh Honey.20140805-190318-68598725.jpg20140805-190319-68599496.jpgBarcelona.20140805-190319-68599226.jpg20140805-190319-68599768.jpgThe Fray.20140805-190320-68600639.jpg20140805-190320-68600108.jpg20140805-190320-68600975.jpgThe Fray brought out both opening bands on stage with them for their final song of the night!20140805-190321-68601694.jpgMeeting Barcelona!20140805-190321-68601216.jpg Meeting Oh Honey!20140805-190321-68601379.jpg


Top 3 Albums: July 2014

top 3 albums july 2014 headertop 3 albums july 2014 header 2


Eclectic, folk-country sisters Johanna and Klara Soderberg have set the bar very high as First Aid Kit. Their latest album, Stay Gold, is the perfect mix of magic and harmony. Each track is embellished with mesmerizing harmonies and hypnotic sounds that make you feel as though you’re lying in a field of daisies. It’s liberating, enchanting and spellbound. The duo feature a variety of different instrumentals, from violin to flute, incorporating orchestral sounds to the album. The lyrics are powerful, symbolizing love, hope and freedom. They pull you in, and leave you wanting more by the end. Top 3: Stay Gold, Cedar Lane, Shattered & Hollow.

top 3 albums july 2014 header 3


Synths, keys and dance-like beats are omnipresent in this electro-pop album by Foster The People. From fast to slow and everything in between, Mark Foster and his band capture this eccentric genre in all their own ways. After their out-of-this-world, debut album Torches, somehow Foster The People surpassed all expectations with the complexities of this new album. Supermodel is the rebirth of self-doubt and struggle wrapped up into eleven amazing songs. Not to mention each track fits into the ultimate party mix perfectly, with catchy lyrics and awesome grooves. Top 3: Ask Yourself, Best Friend, The Truth.

top 3 albums july 2014 header 4


The debut, self-titled album of Jungle is a remastered throwback of the 1970’s. Combining funk, soul, disco and, somehow, dubstep-like electro, this London-based band plays with your mind by mixing in various psychedelic sounds. Leading with a prominent and pulsating bass, each track is hip, groovy, and makes you wanna dance to the beat. Jungle arose from out of nowhere and hit us all with a fantastic array of beats, crazy-cool effects and fantastic melodies. Power and passion make this album a strong success in the music business. A modern rendition of hardy, old soul music. Top 3: Platoon, Drops, Time.

top 3 albums july 2014 header 5

Ottawa City Guide: Hidden Gems


Although we didn’t spend much time in the city, we spent an afternoon wandering around the city and found a some cute spots. Ottawa is primarily known for being the home of the Parliament, but it does have a few cute boutiques, shops and restaurants.


Milk Boutique

I spotted a really cute boutique near Byward Market, Milk, featuring in indie women’s clothing, as well as locally-made jewelry, vintage housewares and an adorable assortment of greeting cards and notebooks. A must visit when you’re in the city. The employees are all so kind and stylish, and they love to get to know their customers.

45 William Street


Vertigo Records

A great record and cd store, with a decent price range and a great selection. They have old, new and used records and cds, and a selection of some to listen to for free.

193 Rideau Street






An amazing cafe featuring in scones and tea. They make sweet and savoury scones, as well as sconewiches, sandwiches made with scones instead of regular bread. A great selection of flavours and sandwich types, for both breakfast and lunch. My favourite scone is the Orange Cranberry. If you’re going for breakfast, try the eggwitch, and for lunch, try the spring sconewitch with avocado!

150 Elgin Street (go in through the Gloucester street entrance instead)



Festival Fun: RBC Bluesfest Recap

This past week, I spent travelling back and forth from Montreal to Ottawa and back again. It was so worth it. My friends and I went to the RBC Bluesfest, a week long outdoor festival in Ottawa, Canada. What an amazing experience! We came across the festival because a few of our favourite bands were performing. It’s not the most popular festival out there, with only around 27 000 people, but this was the perfect number. Each show felt intimate, and with the three main stages, there was plenty of space to roam around. We managed to get front row for almost every show we wanted to see (that’s the only way to capture great photos!). Plus, the bands could see, and often remember, us girls in the front row because we were so close!

My favourite thing about festivals is being able to see so many different bands in the span of one (or three) days! I love it even more when I can discover some new bands! These are all some of the highlights from the festival, whether they’re bands I’d known for a long time or some I’d just discovered at Bluesfest. Most of our time was spent at The River Stage, the smallest stage of the festival (and the best!). However we did roam to the other two, larger, stages and caught some great acts.

20140726-094425-35065635.jpgKale Mattson performing with his band. The first act we saw at Bluesfest!20140726-094423-35063327.jpgA lot of the bands roam around throughout the festival and catch other performances, so it’s pretty normal to spot them in the field and strike up a conversation. We ended up spending quite a bit of time with Kale on the first day.20140726-094424-35064821.jpgEver seen pink port-a-potties? Thought it was cute!20140726-094425-35065369.jpg20140726-094425-35065074.jpgLanghorne Slim & The Law.Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset20140726-094423-35063165.jpgDeer Tick.20140726-094422-35062876.jpgOne of the food booths was of smoothies, and this Strawberry Banana smoothie was to die for. I think I had one every day!20140726-094422-35062072.jpgWaiting in line for the big day. We were going to see Jake Bugg again, and made sure to get front row!20140726-094423-35063838.jpgJenny Lewis.20140726-094423-35063590.jpgDon Felders, guitarist for the Eagles, and his band.20140726-094421-35061766.jpg20140726-094425-35065952.jpg20140726-094424-35064295.jpgJake Bugg!20140726-094426-35066209.jpgOne of my friends is in love with Jake, and so naturally, we waited after the show to meet him.20140726-094420-35060983.jpgHoly Ghost.20140726-094421-35061218.jpgTrombone Shorty.

July Playlist: Summer Lights & Bonfire Nights

july 2014 playlist


Summertime is, in my opinion, the best time of year. Maybe I’m a little biased, seeing as how my birthday is in July, but it just seems as though everything good happens to me in the summer. Plus, it helps that I don’t have school, and my days (and nights) are much more open. Summer represents freedom; the days are so much longer, there are so many more possibilities to keep you entertained.

It just so happens that this summer is working out perfectly for me so far. I’ve been so busy with friends, family, at concerts, performing, etc that I don’t even realize how fast the summer is going by! My band The DayDreamers won a competition that’s putting us on the radio soon, and we just played another show that was a huge success. I know there will be so many more opportunities and I’m looking forward to coming events throughout the rest of Summer 2014.

P.s. I didn’t want to be redundant on the playlist, but I strongly recommend Foster The People’s new album Supermodel. It’s amazing!

Late Night Campfire: DIY Party

My favourite kind of party always ends with a casual bonfire, roasting marshmallows, singing by the fireside and listening to some good music. This time, however, I decided to start the party that way. As an end-of-the-year, school’s out celebration, my friends and I all spent the night camping out in my backyard. We set up the yard with lights, seating, tents and some great food.  This is the kind of realizing, fun party that anyone can have in their own yard. As for the music, I would definitely recommend my June Playlist. Here are some of our little secrets and how-to’s to throw a classic bonfire party that no one will forget.

The Setup

To set up the lights, we in fact used outdoor christmas lights and paper lanterns and attached them to a thick cord, all held up by four wooden posts. In addition, we took some empty bean cans (a giant three-bean salad was made specially for this part) and poked holes in them to place candles inside. To do so, we had to place water in the cans and freeze them so they wouldn’t break when we poked the holes. Then we wrapped wire in two of the top holes to hang them securely on the cord.

IMG_7170  Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset IMG_7166 IMG_7165

The Menu



No bonfire is complete without s’mores, so of course we had to pull out the marshmallows. All you need are graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows. And be sure to grab a bunch of sticks in the backyard, preferably long, with one smaller end to attach the marshmallows. Roast the marshmallows in the fire, then take two half pieces of graham cracker, place some chocolate on one, and sandwich the gooey marshmallow. It works best when the marshmallow is burnt.

As for the drinks, we used mason jar glasses with handles and made an assortment of beverages, the headliners being strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas. Both are easy to make. You can find the strawberry daiquiri recipe here and the piña colada recipe here.

 IMG_7088 IMG_7098  Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



Ah prom, that one time in a teenagers life when everyone dresses up all fancy in gowns, gets their hair done and takes millions of pictures of themselves all dolled up. Unless of course you live on the Upper East Side and attend Constance Billard school for girls (Gossip Girl reference). My special day came right around the corner, and before I knew it I was celebrating the ending of my high school years. What a night! In all honesty, I didn’t have very high expectations for my prom night, which I think made my night even better. I spent the night with some of my closest friends, and we had the best time.

I received my dress from BHLDN, who didn’t disappoint. The stylists were extremely helpful and even sent me fabric and colour samples prior to the final purchase of my dress. My hair was another roller coaster. I was so hesitant to go with a braided crown and flowers, but I risked it and my hairdresser pulled it of. It quickly became my favourite part of the look. The shoes were from Topshop because, of course, I had to add a little bit of edge to my classic, bohemian look.