Hi everyone!

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I’m Alexandra, but I go by the name Ali around town. I currently live in Montreal, Canada, and I am a blogger, jewelry-maker, fashionista and student. I take great pleasure in the art of list-making, and I love to write about anything and everything. People and places inspire me, and I am greatly influenced by the wonderful lifestyle of New York City. My favorite foods consist of bagels, peanut butter, sushi and oatmeal cookies.

I have actually had this url for a while now, and I finally built up the courage to start my ‘big girl’ blog. For quite a few years, I managed a blog called Girlypedia, where I basically wrote about all things girly. Of course, I was nine when I first started, so it wasn’t the best way to put myself out there.

Alas, now I am ready, and so I started this blog as a way to showcase my finds and favourites. Here is a list of a few things you will most likely read about the most on here:

1. Fashion; Street style, daily picks, local finds, and anything that interests me in this vast category.

2. Design; Be it typography, art or photography, I love it all.

3. Food; Although I try not to admit it, I am food-obsessed. This is where my lebanese heritage kicks in most.

4. Music; Being one of my passions, not only do I love to make and play music, but I am a playlist-creator fanatic.

5. My undying love for New York City; Anything I find that reminds me of the city will definitely be found on here.

So please, sit down and stay a while. I really hope you enjoy it!

~ Ali


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