Style Inspiration: Bethany Struble

I just love finding style inspiration for my everyday outfits online, so when I discovered this LA native fashionista, I was so excited. Her style seems so effortless and still remains über stylish. Bethany Struble is also very much into photography, and has a little daughter. I have fallen in love with all the experiences she has gained and posted about on her blog, some examples being all the festivals, fashion weeks, her trips, etc.

Here are a few of my favorite posts of hers (in the last few months, of course).








So, do you like her fashions? Let me know! And, check out her other posts and more about her on her blog, Snakes Nest.

Credit: Snakes Nest – Coachella Day One, Snakes Nest – Lucky Fabb with Crossroads Trading, Snakes Nest – Spring Has Sprung, Snakes Nest – SXSW Day 3 Outfit, Snakes Nest – NYFW Fall 2013 Day 7 Outfit, Snakes Nest – FP Tee Styled Three Ways, Snakes Nest – Inspector Gadget 


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