Online Songwriting Course

For the past two months, I took part in an online songwriting course from Berklee School of Music via I have always had a love for songwriting, since a young age, and decided to inform myself on all the proper fundamentals and guidelines on successful songwriting.

Today, I received my results for the course, and I finished with a final mark of 86.3%. I am so proud of myself, as this course took a lot of dedication and hard work. I got a certificate as well for completing this MOOC, to add to my achievement.

This was my first mass online open course (MOOC), and it was a great experience. Peer review editing, forums, video lectures and quizzes were a large part of this online culture.

This particular course was taught by Pat Pattison, an experienced university teacher at Berklee. He was interesting and knowledgable. My peers were outstanding musicians and I was honoured to receive their feedback. I came out of the course with excellent knowledge that I will certainly use in my songs in the future.

I hope to post some new songs in the near future, so stay tuned! And thank you, Pat Pattison, the team at Coursera and Berklee School of Music for giving me a ton of work and a stressful sunday night! It was worth it!

~ Ali


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