Brandy Melville Store Opening!



My fellow Montrealers, we have a new store in our midst. Located in the heart of downtown shopping, on Ste Catherine Street, is the brand new Brandy Melville store. This, one size fits most LA brand has decided to open their third Canadian store, the first two being in Toronto and Vancouver. I was enthralled to finally visit the store, after its official opening last friday. I must say, although the selection was not as great as online, and the prices were quite a bit higher than their website, it was still a great store.

The perfect location, and the store was decorated beautifully. They took in all of the space and made it very unique, with wood walls and various posters and signs all across the store. I almost purchased one written ‘Fashionista’, however I quickly realized it should be my new DIY project. The dressing rooms were also very creative. Some walls were filled with pages torn out of old books and magazines, while others had pieces of fabric scattered across the white walls. The entire space was very well laid out, and I loved the atmosphere.

I went in the change room with six pieces, and I left with two. I am very happy with the two that I purchased though! They were truly adorable! I got a black dress, with a low, open back, and a thin light blue tank top, with braided straps and semi-high cut. The dress was $38, and the tank was $18.

Overall, I was very happy with my purchases and my experience at the store. If i were to fill out a comment card, I would rate it very high.


Montreal Location: 1188 Ste Catherine Street West

{Photo: My own, thanks iphone!}


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