Easter 2013

This afternoon, my dad’s family and I celebrated Easter at my cousin Kelly’s beautiful home. It was so much fun, and I got to see my family, which is always a blessing. My dad has five siblings; two brothers and three sisters. I love them all dearly and we have so much fun together! Here is a little recap on our wonderful day.


Pre-party photo shoot with dad!


And here’s mom.

ali red striped dress

This one’s just me. I thought I’d get in an outfit post on here.



I actually ended up wearing these shoes to the party.


We spent our whole afternoon outdoors, and the only thing inside was the food!


Being a part of a Lebanese family, we take our food very seriously! Everyone in the family takes part in this area of expertise, and makes a dish.


We had orso salad, tomato salad, tomato sandwiches, both spicy and regular hummus, baba ghanoush (eggplant dip, similar to hummus), various fatayers (cheese, pizza, spinach, etc), and this dish called yabrak (ya-ba-da), which is rice and meat rolled in vine leaves. That one, my mom made. It is one of my absolute favorite meals.




Some of the fatayers.





This was the dessert.


We had fruit, cake, cake pops, and various lebanese desserts.


You see those diamonds with the almond in the center? My mom made those as well. They are a secret family recipe, and it is the most amazing dessert in the world. I can’t even describe how good they are, but it tastes like heaven with every bite.





This is my cousin Kelly (and the host)’s beautiful daughter, Mia. She is now two years old, and she is one of the cutest kids I’ve ever known. I babysit her often, and I love her so much!


As you can tell, she loves the camera! She posed for it and everything! And, thanks to her extremely fashionable and stylish mom, she was wearing an adorable blue striped dress with a pink belt! Très chic!

{Forever 21 dress, forever21.com; Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume necklace, marcjacobs.com; Blue striped Roxy loafers, roxy.com; White Converse All Stars, converse.com; Betsey Johnson watch, betseyjohnson.com}


4 thoughts on “Easter 2013

  1. Ali,
    Is there anything you’re not good at?????
    I absolutely love this blog!
    I do admit to being partial to the family aspect of it.
    Anyways, keep it up girl. I’m loving it!

  2. Ali…it seems like yesterday that you were little like Mia. Now you’ve grown up to be a beautiful, multi-talented young lady! What a wonderful role model you are for all the little ones! You’re right…it is a real blessing to spend time with each other! I love you and am so proud of you! Great pictures, great blog…God bless you! XXX

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