Design Inspiration: A Creative’s Dream Office

This recently renovated apartment office, located in Chicago, is wonderful. The colours, the designs, the furniture, and everything else that is placed in this room. This cute and chic office can be found in the home of Alaina Kaczmarski, founder of Live Creating Yourself and co-founder of The Everygirl. Alaina moved in to her apartment in August 2012, and renovations lasted until March of 2013. Here is the final result:



This is her intern station! I have to say, I would absolutely love to be her intern!



I love the rugs, they are adorable!



The nail polish… So clever!


Here is her office bar.




I love the gallery wall!

Just wanted to post this office to share with everyone, because I feel it represents so much of my style and what I love. More to come, I promise! What do you think of this office? Would you want to work here everyday?

{Credit: Live Creating Yourself}


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