A Weekend in Cobourg

I spent this past weekend in Cobourg, Ontario for my uncle’s wedding. We drove four hours early saturday morning to arrive at ten, at my uncle’s house. The ceremony was a quaint, civil wedding composed of only close family, and right on the water. Afterwards, we headed to a farm in Cobourg for the reception. It was a fairly casual wedding, with a potluck dinner for all the over 100 guests, but it was still beautiful and so much fun! My two cousins from Vancouver came out, and we all stayed in a hotel right in the heart of Cobourg. Sunday, we explored the town a bit before brunch with the newly-weds, and headed back to Montreal.


This was the view from the farm.


The tables, which seated all the guests comfortably.


These lovely bouquets were made by one of my Uncle’s friends. I loved the flower they made of old book pages and attached to the vase.




This is one of my cousins and I. The one to the left of me is Kayla, almost 13. To the right is Jasmine, and she’s 10 years old.


The lovely sunset.


This was the band that played. They were fantastic! The crowd was going crazy, dancing all night.


We walked to the beach on sunday, and the sights were just beautiful.



Here are some pictures of the town, where we walked along and




I just love this photo of my cousins and I. It’s rare that I get to spend this much time with them, so I always cherish every moment of it.

xoxo, Ali


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