DIY Christmas Inspiration

In an effort to better improve my french, I’ve been reading a handful of french blogs. These ideas came from the lovely french blog, Coco Cerise. Marjorie, the author of this blog, decorated her home in pink, white and gold, and although these aren’t the traditional christmas colours, they look amazing! This post was from two years ago, but it’s funny how some things stay chic for a very long time.

The photos to come all showcase Marjorie’s lovely do-it-yourself ideas that we can all try this christmas.





These are really easy, cute projects that can really spice up your Christmas tree. All you need are some ball-shaped ornaments and acrylic paint, and you’re set to go. You can even try other cool designs using different paint brushes, and maybe even monogrammed ones, writing your initials on one, and giving each member of the family their own.





These are really cute table decorations that are edible too! Just stick a marshmallow on a brochette stick, and place them in a cute glass or jar. Voila!



I love the idea of doing a scratch menu! It’s a surprise in between each meal, and it’s always fun to scratch those. I would place a small bowl of pennies on the table too, or pass them around between each meal to ensure that everyone will be able to scratch it off.

Happy holiday prep everyone!

{Photo Credit: Coco Cerise}


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