Winter To Do List

winter to do list


Around this time of year, spirits are supposed to be high and merry. Yet, sometimes we end up losing that in all the craziness that surrounds us. That’s why it’s important to make yourself a checklist. Write down the things that will keep you happy and bright. I made myself a little to do list; something simple to keep the real holiday cheer.

1. Go ice-skating: The local skating rink is perfect to spend time outside with friends and family! It’s a great alternative to those who don’t ski, like me.

2. I love to go all out in my Christmas sweater and Santa hat, so why not do the same with your pets? Better yet, the entire family! It would make the cutest Christmas card photo.

3. Bake your favourite holiday sweets: Every year, my mom and I make my great grandmother’s spice cookies with lemon drizzle, and it’s something I look forward to every year! Plus, they make great gifts too! Get a cute mason jar and fill it with cookies. then tie a bow around it and voilà!

4. Hot cocoa is my favourite thing about winter. Once in a while, it’s perfect to treat yourself to this warm drink, topped with all the trimmings of course; mini marshmallows, whipped cream and candy canes!

5. Sparkles, one of the few trends that never gets old during this time of year. Perfect for Christmas, New Years, and any holiday for that matter! Sparkled shoes? Yes. Sparkled clutch? Definitely! Sparkled dress? Do I even have to answer that last one…

6. Cozy up by the fireplace: This is perfect for those extremely snowy days when you can barely back your car out of the driveway, let alone take a walk in the mounds of snow. I already pre-ordered a handful of books from the library, as well as from Indigo, and I have my holiday playlist all set on my iPod, so I’m ready for this one!

What’s on your winter checklists? Let me know! 


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