A Winter Weekend


This is winter in Montreal. My backyard, to be exact. I think the snow goes up to my knees, and seeing as how I’m 5’9 1/2″, that’s a lot. Plus, it’s about -15 degrees celsius, so every time I leave the house, in addition to pulling on my chunky Pajar boots, I must prepare myself for a whiff of cold air that just doesn’t go away with extra layers of mittens, a huge scarf and a thick sweater under my heavy winter coat. And that’s when it’s -15 degrees, imagine -35 degrees celsius!

To put it plainly, winter in Montreal sucks. It’s lovely for the first week or so, when it’s only two or three degrees below zero and there is a light snow falling. But once New Years hits, we’re all done with it. Especially if you don’t ski, then it’s just long and painful. But hey, that’s why we blog, right?

Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend, and hoping that it isn’t too cold everywhere else in the world! Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

xo Ali


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