April 2014: Must-See Artists at Coachella

april 2014 playlist


Hope everyone is having a good week! This weekend will be the first of two Coachella weekends, and I’m super excited for both the fashion and of course, the music! I was checking out the setlist, and a lot of the bands and artists are really great! I compiled a list of fairly recent songs from a handful of bands and artists that will be playing at Coachella this weekend and next weekend. What I love about these festivals is that they bring together a wide variety of artists. From dance and electronic to rap and of course alternative, everyone can find something that they love. This playlist is tailored more to my kind of music, in the hopes that everyone can discover some new artists (hopefully), and I’m sure most people will enjoy these songs! Trust me, there are many more as well! Some other artists to check out at Osheaga (or at home) would be The 1975, Drowners, Lana Del Rey, Capital Cities, Arcade Fire, Empire of the Sun, The Naked and Famous, and Rudimental.


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