July Playlist: Summer Lights & Bonfire Nights

july 2014 playlist


Summertime is, in my opinion, the best time of year. Maybe I’m a little biased, seeing as how my birthday is in July, but it just seems as though everything good happens to me in the summer. Plus, it helps that I don’t have school, and my days (and nights) are much more open. Summer represents freedom; the days are so much longer, there are so many more possibilities to keep you entertained.

It just so happens that this summer is working out perfectly for me so far. I’ve been so busy with friends, family, at concerts, performing, etc that I don’t even realize how fast the summer is going by! My band The DayDreamers won a competition that’s putting us on the radio soon, and we just played another show that was a huge success. I know there will be so many more opportunities and I’m looking forward to coming events throughout the rest of Summer 2014.

P.s. I didn’t want to be redundant on the playlist, but I strongly recommend Foster The People’s new album Supermodel. It’s amazing!


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