Christmas Moments

Christmas 2013 Collage

This Christmas was definitely one to remember! As I look back on it, I remember all those tiny moments that sometimes we forget. Those moments, however, are the ones that meant the most. Spending time with my family, friends, the dog, even those times alone.

This year I was extremely fortunate to have my oldest friend, who at a young age moved to Florida, come and visit us here in Montreal. It was so amazing to reconnect with her, especially since we have only seen each other on two other occasions in the last eleven years that we have been apart.

On another note, I just started doing these instagram collages, and they are so much fun! I think I might start doing this for all my posts… Just kidding! But definitely expect this for some posts!

Anyways, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas, and I wish you all the best in the New Year!

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I’m off to spend the night with my family at one of my aunt’s house. Our big tradition is Christmas Eve, where we have a huge lebanese feast, and best of all, I get to see all of my family! I have cousins who live across North America, so it’s so great to have everyone together for at least one day a year!  This one’s a short post, I just wanted to showcase my Christmas outfit. I am in love with this dress from Topshop, and I was so happy to find a gold sparkled clutch from H&M that matched perfectly!




{Dress – Topshop; Clutch – H&M; Bracelets – Handmade}

Winter To Do List

winter to do list


Around this time of year, spirits are supposed to be high and merry. Yet, sometimes we end up losing that in all the craziness that surrounds us. That’s why it’s important to make yourself a checklist. Write down the things that will keep you happy and bright. I made myself a little to do list; something simple to keep the real holiday cheer.

1. Go ice-skating: The local skating rink is perfect to spend time outside with friends and family! It’s a great alternative to those who don’t ski, like me.

2. I love to go all out in my Christmas sweater and Santa hat, so why not do the same with your pets? Better yet, the entire family! It would make the cutest Christmas card photo.

3. Bake your favourite holiday sweets: Every year, my mom and I make my great grandmother’s spice cookies with lemon drizzle, and it’s something I look forward to every year! Plus, they make great gifts too! Get a cute mason jar and fill it with cookies. then tie a bow around it and voilà!

4. Hot cocoa is my favourite thing about winter. Once in a while, it’s perfect to treat yourself to this warm drink, topped with all the trimmings of course; mini marshmallows, whipped cream and candy canes!

5. Sparkles, one of the few trends that never gets old during this time of year. Perfect for Christmas, New Years, and any holiday for that matter! Sparkled shoes? Yes. Sparkled clutch? Definitely! Sparkled dress? Do I even have to answer that last one…

6. Cozy up by the fireplace: This is perfect for those extremely snowy days when you can barely back your car out of the driveway, let alone take a walk in the mounds of snow. I already pre-ordered a handful of books from the library, as well as from Indigo, and I have my holiday playlist all set on my iPod, so I’m ready for this one!

What’s on your winter checklists? Let me know! 

DIY Christmas Inspiration

In an effort to better improve my french, I’ve been reading a handful of french blogs. These ideas came from the lovely french blog, Coco Cerise. Marjorie, the author of this blog, decorated her home in pink, white and gold, and although these aren’t the traditional christmas colours, they look amazing! This post was from two years ago, but it’s funny how some things stay chic for a very long time.

The photos to come all showcase Marjorie’s lovely do-it-yourself ideas that we can all try this christmas.





These are really easy, cute projects that can really spice up your Christmas tree. All you need are some ball-shaped ornaments and acrylic paint, and you’re set to go. You can even try other cool designs using different paint brushes, and maybe even monogrammed ones, writing your initials on one, and giving each member of the family their own.





These are really cute table decorations that are edible too! Just stick a marshmallow on a brochette stick, and place them in a cute glass or jar. Voila!



I love the idea of doing a scratch menu! It’s a surprise in between each meal, and it’s always fun to scratch those. I would place a small bowl of pennies on the table too, or pass them around between each meal to ensure that everyone will be able to scratch it off.

Happy holiday prep everyone!

{Photo Credit: Coco Cerise}

Holiday Playlist

december 2013 playlist

My latest obsession these days are classic Christmas carol remixes, as you can see. I first heard the Jingle Bells remix in the mall a few weeks ago, and it put me in such a groove. I will admit, I busted out a few dance moves, and it probably wasn’t very pretty. Nonetheless, it’s Christmas time, so anything is acceptable at this time of year.

I decided to mix the songs up a bit for this playlist. i have a couple dance, party songs, and then some slower, more acoustic and folky songs. I’ve been listening to this playlist on repeat already for the last couple of days, and it’s really putting me in such a Christmas mood! Hopefully you all enjoy it!

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I can’t believe there are only 28 days until Christmas! It doesn’t feel like there’s less than a month left, but I know it will pass by very quickly. It suddenly hit me this weekend, so I’ve been recording every second Christmas movie on tv, preparing for a holiday movie weekend marathon. In the midst of all this, I thought I would share with you some of my holiday favourites.

Great Holiday Movies


1. Elf

This is hands down the greatest Christmas movie I’ve ever seen, and believe me, I’ve seen a lot. Not only is it set in New York, but the music is great, and it features some of my favourite actors; Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel. This is a heartwarming Christmas classic about that highlights the importance of family, love, and the fact that you are never too old to believe in the wonders of Christmas. It’s the perfect movie to cozy up on the couch with a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa as the snow falls outside.

home alone

2. Home Alone

This one’s another classic that I can’t go without. It’s a hilarious and clever plot line written by the great John Hughes about a boy who is accidentally left behind when his family goes off on vacation for the holidays. While alone, he has to fend off a nasty burglar duo using creative and amusing tactics. He learns the true meaning of Christmas, even if he is all alone.

national lampoon

3. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

I’m a fan of Chevy Chase, especially in the tv series, Community, and his roles always leave me cracking up by the end. This one’s all about family, as this funny man tries to create the perfect Christmas for his family, but unfortunately fails miserably in his attempts to do so. It’s a classic example of murphy’s law, where anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong. It’s just too funny.

Cozy Holiday Recipes

Peppermint Bark (A Taste of Koko)


Chocolate Marshmallow Pops (White on Rice Couple)


Chocolaty Melting Snowmen (Better Homes & Gardens)


Holiday Decorations

DIY Clay Ornaments (A Beautiful Mess)


Table Setting (Snippet & Ink)


DIY Advent Calendar (Martha Stewart)