Home Inspiration – Stylish and Eclectic Take on Manhattan

I happened to stumble upon an article on Mix and Chic earlier today that caught my eye. Designed and owned by style writer and interior designer Rita Konig, this Manhattan based home is too cute. It has the perfect combination of vintage and a minimalistic-modern touch to complete this little masterpiece.














This home has a beautiful pattern play, and amazingly cute color schemes. I am absolutely in love with the entire kitchen, from the glass jars to the wall of photos and the bookshelf. I am also loving the couch in the living room. Overall, I think it all works perfectly together to create an inspiring design. What do you think? Does this home inspire you?

Credit: Mix and Chic – Home Tour: Rita Konig’s Manhattan Home



Hi everyone!

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I’m Alexandra, but I go by the name Ali around town. I currently live in Montreal, Canada, and I am a blogger, jewelry-maker, fashionista and student. I take great pleasure in the art of list-making, and I love to write about anything and everything. People and places inspire me, and I am greatly influenced by the wonderful lifestyle of New York City. My favorite foods consist of bagels, peanut butter, sushi and oatmeal cookies.

I have actually had this url for a while now, and I finally built up the courage to start my ‘big girl’ blog. For quite a few years, I managed a blog called Girlypedia, where I basically wrote about all things girly. Of course, I was nine when I first started, so it wasn’t the best way to put myself out there.

Alas, now I am ready, and so I started this blog as a way to showcase my finds and favourites. Here is a list of a few things you will most likely read about the most on here:

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