August 2014 Playlist

august 2014 playlist

This month’s playlist is all about celebrating the final days of summertime! Although we still have almost two months till fall, it feels like it’s coming so quickly. Enjoy the rest of the summer, and hopefully this music will set the right mood for you to do so!

July Playlist: Summer Lights & Bonfire Nights

july 2014 playlist


Summertime is, in my opinion, the best time of year. Maybe I’m a little biased, seeing as how my birthday is in July, but it just seems as though everything good happens to me in the summer. Plus, it helps that I don’t have school, and my days (and nights) are much more open. Summer represents freedom; the days are so much longer, there are so many more possibilities to keep you entertained.

It just so happens that this summer is working out perfectly for me so far. I’ve been so busy with friends, family, at concerts, performing, etc that I don’t even realize how fast the summer is going by! My band The DayDreamers won a competition that’s putting us on the radio soon, and we just played another show that was a huge success. I know there will be so many more opportunities and I’m looking forward to coming events throughout the rest of Summer 2014.

P.s. I didn’t want to be redundant on the playlist, but I strongly recommend Foster The People’s new album Supermodel. It’s amazing!

May 2014 Playlist: Covers

may playlist 2014

Happy friday everyone! I hope everyone had a great week! I’m finally on time for a playlist!!

This one is themed Covers, because it is all covers from mostly famous artists and a few of my favorite Youtubers. I’ve been listening to a lot of covers lately, and it seems they’re becoming more and more of a new trend. I don’t know if any of you arch Grey’s Anatomy, but this season has been filled with covers of popular songs from the 1980’s primarily covered by artists such Sleeping At Last, Aron Wright and The Wind & The Wave. They’re all absolutely amazing!! Another one of my favorite sources for youtube covers is on Youtube, specifically BBC Radio 1. They host a variety of different, well-established artists and record them performing live covers in the lounge. One of my favorites was Ben Howard’s cover of Call Me Maybe. I definitely recommend watching it. Not only is it musically perfect to my ears, but his personality shines when he’s performing this song, which is on a completely different ball park as his own works. I also adore Ed Sheeran and Passenger’s mashup-cover of No Diggity and Thrift Shop. It’s so different from either originals, and it’s a complete breath of fresh air. Oh and… You know what, I really love them all! I totally recommend taking a listen to these on youtube, you’ll be impressed!


March 2014 Playlist

march 2014 playlist


Hola everyone! Sorry, it’s a little late for a spring break playlist post… But hey, I was away. I think that’s a pretty good excuse!

As I mentioned quickly, this is my homage to the classic spring break. An eclectic mix of electronic, indie-rock pump up jams that are perfect for an afternoon road trip, beach party or even a late-night bonfire. I can assure you that my spring break was spent listening to these songs, from the bus to the village to the beach in the Galapagos. These tunes will really wake you up, and keep you on a high all day long.


February Playlist

FEBRUARY 2014 playlist

This month’s playlist is all about love, friendship and music (obviously)! I hope you all enjoy the collection of songs, new and old, that make up month two of 2014!!

In other news, I’m super excited, because this afternoon, at 12:01, I got my Daughter concert tickets!! She’s coming to Montreal on April 7th and I’m dying to see her live again! I will be in the presence of my inspiration, my idol, and one of the best artists I’ve ever heard in exactly 2 months!! My best friend T and I will (hopefully) be standing front row, right there in front of her!

Anyways, I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Playlist: A New Year

january 2014 playlist


Happy 2014! What a better way to celebrate the new year than with my first love, music. I discovered so many new artists over the Christmas break, and couldn’t wait to show them all to you! I’ve been obsessing over the band Rhodes, who just recently released an EP on iTunes. They remind me so much of Daughter! I would almost consider them to be the son version! Just kidding! Anyways, enjoy the playlist! xx

Holiday Playlist

december 2013 playlist

My latest obsession these days are classic Christmas carol remixes, as you can see. I first heard the Jingle Bells remix in the mall a few weeks ago, and it put me in such a groove. I will admit, I busted out a few dance moves, and it probably wasn’t very pretty. Nonetheless, it’s Christmas time, so anything is acceptable at this time of year.

I decided to mix the songs up a bit for this playlist. i have a couple dance, party songs, and then some slower, more acoustic and folky songs. I’ve been listening to this playlist on repeat already for the last couple of days, and it’s really putting me in such a Christmas mood! Hopefully you all enjoy it!

November 2013 Playlist

november 2013 playlist

Sorry this one’s a tad late! But hey, better late than never, right? The truth is, I’ve been more dedicated to my december christmas playlist than this one! 

I just discovered the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, and it’s AMAZING. I strongly recommend listening to it, I just downloaded it myself! You can find it on iTunes here. It literally just came out yesterday. I put in a few songs from the playlist (6, 13, 20) but there are so many more that are totally listen worthy!

Until next time!

October 2013 Playlist

october 2013 playlist


Hello my lovelies! It feels like I haven’t posted a playlist in so long! Now, this one might be slightly repetitive, but I created this playlist on my iPod a year ago, and it has reminded me of this month ever since! I always get a feeling of new beginnings, warmth, fall colors, pumpkins (don’t ask me why). It was also around the time when my scarf obsession kicked in, so I guess you could say it reminded me of that too.

I will say, this playlist got me through a lot. It is just so angelic, so warm, and so acoustic. I really hope you all enjoy it.