The Fray Live in Montreal

Last night, The Fray took the stage at Metropolis, following opening bands Oh Honey and Barcelona. All three bands wowed the crowd and left us wanting more! Starting with Oh Honey, an indie-folk rock five piece band, who had the crowd dancing with their sweet male-female harmonies and uplifting melodies. Next was Barcelona, an electronic pop band who’s smooth, mellow tunes set a very relaxed vibe that I very much enjoyed. And then of course, The Fray came on, playing all the crowd favourites, as well as a selection of new, and very different (in a good way!) songs!

20140805-190317-68597629.jpg20140805-190317-68597970.jpgOh Honey.20140805-190318-68598725.jpg20140805-190319-68599496.jpgBarcelona.20140805-190319-68599226.jpg20140805-190319-68599768.jpgThe Fray.20140805-190320-68600639.jpg20140805-190320-68600108.jpg20140805-190320-68600975.jpgThe Fray brought out both opening bands on stage with them for their final song of the night!20140805-190321-68601694.jpgMeeting Barcelona!20140805-190321-68601216.jpg Meeting Oh Honey!20140805-190321-68601379.jpg