101 in 1001

101 in 1001 clip photo

So, I have been inspired by Design Darling‘s 101 in 1001. Like she says, it really is the happy medium between writing a to do list and keeping a bucket list. Mine however is slightly more ‘high school’ than some of the other lists out there. Still, I am super eager to get this list started!

{101 to go!}

End date: January 20, 2016

  1. Create a list of 101 things.
  2. Visit the New York Public Library
  3. Attend a blogging event
  4. Take another photography class
  5. Take Arabic lessons
  6. Try food from 10 8 different food trucks
  7. Find the perfect LBD
  8. Find the perfect LBB (little black bag)
  9. Discover 10 new restaurants
  10. Visit five capitals
  11. Take a roadtrip
  12. Attend the San Diego comic con
  13. Eat lunch at Barney’s New York
  14. Make five blogging friends
  15. Go to a live taping of a tv show
  16. Re-do my desk area
  17. Send twenty five handwritten letters
  18. Attend a midnight screening
  19. Visit five film locations
  20. Take 10 trips from The New York Times 36 Hours books
  21. Buy something from Etsy
  22. Read ten books from Modern Library’s Best Novels List
  23. Attend a blogger conference
  24. Visit MoMa
  25. Take up more yoga
  26. Pay it forward
  27. Attend a show at New York Fashion Week
  28. Try a hardcore workout class
  29. Attend/throw a murder mystery party
  30. Make twenty recipes off of Pinterest
  31. Read every Jane Austen novel
  32. Go camping
  33. Watch ten “classic” films
  34. Go on a picnic
  35. Buy the perfect find at a thrift shop or flea market
  36. Watch ten different TED Talks
  37. Find the perfect style for my hair
  38. See a movie in the park
  39. Go on a gluten-free diet for two weeks
  40. Join/start a book club
  41. DIY a piece of furniture
  42. Watch every episode of Seinfeld
  43. Watch ten documentaries
  44. Take a writing related course
  45. Intern
  46. Invest in 5 wardrobe staples
  47. Rekindle an old friendship
  48. Read ten business/personal growth books
  49. Complete a blog challenge
  50. Attend SxSW
  51. Host a game night with friends
  52. Host an afternoon tea party
  53. See Daughter perform live
  54. Read five Nicholas Sparks novels
  55. Acquire ten quality coffee table books of my interests
  56. Read Jane Eyre
  57. See the Christmas windows on Fifth Avenue in New York
  58. Complete a New York Times crossword puzzle
  59. Watch the entire Sex and the City
  60. Read five books set in New York
  61. Watch ten movies set in New York
  62. Find a perfect shade of lipstick
  63. Make twenty DIY projects off Pinterest
  64. Try twenty hairstyles from Pinterest
  65. Learn how to fishtail braid
  66. Dine at five local breakfast restaurants to find the best one
  67. Create an editorial calendar for my blog
  68. Start a new tradition
  69. Mail Christmas cards
  70. Advance in my handmade jewelry business
  71. Grow out my hair
  72. Make my own lunch for one month
  73. Become a vegetarian for two weeks
  74. Find the perfect blazer
  75. Try a new hair color
  76. Make five different people a painting
  77. Sign up for a strange and different class
  78. Watch five foreign films
  79. Go to a farmer’s market
  80. Visit the West Coast, again
  81. Host a specific tv show-related party
  82. Handwrite all my recipes and place them in a cute box
  83. Attend Coachella
  84. Go to a NASCAR race
  85. Go on a spontaneous weekend road trip
  86. Have my mom teach me her best recipes
  87. See someone very close to me get married
  88. Buy something Free People
  89. Visit Lu in Germany
  90. Go to a book signing
  91. Attend the grand opening of a store
  92. Work on my fashion scrapbook/collage
  93. Launch a new blog post series
  94. Have a tea party
  95. See a concert at the Radio City Music Hall (preferably the Rockettes!)
  96. Perform at the Montreal Jazz Festival
  97. Learn how to properly make sushi (again!)
  98. Start my Happiness Jar
  99. Attend a masquerade ball
  100. Win something
  101. Complete this list and make a new one for the next 1001 days

{Photo Credit: Design Darling}