Friday Favorites

Happy friday everyone! It’s the first friday of december, yay! This post is a holiday special, full of Christmas cheers! Hope it makes you smile!

He’s Just Too Cute {Via Pinterest}



The Prettiest Wrapping (Via Rifle Paper Co.)




Cozy Christmas Morning (Via The Everygirl)



Cutest Hot Chocolate (Via Riley Recipe Blog)



Friday Favorites: Food Photography

Happy friday!! As you saw in my last post, I’ve been experimenting a lot in the kitchen lately. As I scroll through pinterest, my mouth waters when I see all these gorgeous food photographs! I must say, I’ve become attached to the wonderful thing that is food photography. I feel almost as though these foods look better than they probably will even taste, but who cares! It’s the thought that counts, right? Or at least the sight.








{ 1. Crumble / 2. Blueberry Pancakes / 3. Breakfast Puffs / 4. Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Turkey Burger / 5. Ranchero Breakfast Tostadas / 6. Soft boiled Eggs & Toast / 7. Cavolo Nero & Cannellini Bean Soup}

On another note, tonight I have a big performance, and I’m super excited. Hope all goes well! Have a great weekend!

Friday Favorites

Today, I am cold. I am still happy, but cold. I’m happy because cold weather means fall, and soon winter, and it’s all so wonderful. So today I have decided to dedicate my post to this wonderful season and all that it brings to me. I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather. If not, I’m hoping that these photos will show you the beauty of this super season.








It’s friday!

And you know what that means… I won’t even go too much into it. Anyways, we’re having another huge party tonight, that’ll be the fourth weekend in a row!

Favorite Quote (via Calder Clark)


Favorite Outfit (via Ring My Bell)


Favorite DIY (via Kelli Murray)



Favorite Food (Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado via Lunch Box Bunch)



Favorite Home Scene (via Pinterest)



Favorite Design (via Pinterest)




Enjoy your weekend!


Happy Friday!

Today really feels like summer! It’s finally beautiful outside, after a week of rain and extreme humidity! I’m really starting to get into that summer groove, especially since I’m having my sweet sixteen tomorrow! I’m continuing what seems to be my new favorite blogging tradition with a new issue of ‘Friday Favorites’!

Favorite Summer Design (via Pinterest)


Favorite Words (via Pinterest)


Favorite Summer Scene (via Pinterest)


Favorite Outfit (via The Sartorialist)


Favorite Hair Ideas (via The Everygirl)


Favorite DIY (via Wit & Whistle)


Friday Favorites

It’s finally friday! As my favorite day of the week, I feel as though I should celebrate all the great things about this cherished weeekday. So, I present to you my favorite items from this friday.

Favorite Outift (via Collage Vintage)

I love the dress, the sunnies, and the bag. It’s just a great outfit overall.


Favorite Dessert (via Pinterest)

I’ve been meaning to try this oreo cream cheese blondie, it just looks delish!


Favorite Store Front (via Pinterest)

Pot + Pantry, San Francisco


Favorite Party Invitation (via The Indigo Bunting)

These are perfect for any dumpling related meal!


Favorite Funny Food (via 100 Layer Cakelet)

I love these little faces from babybel cheeses


And of course… Favorite New York City Scene (via Pinterest)

This one’s a given.


Hope you all have a great friday!

Happy Friday!

Yes, it is finally the best day of the week… Friday!! I am super excited for this weekend, as sunday is the Orthodox Easter, where I will spend an afternoon at my cousin Kelly’s house with the majority of my dad’s family. The weather this weekend will be fantastic, and I am super eager to see my family and spend time outdoors. On to my next topic, I have come up with a few of my favorite items of the week! Voila!

friday favorites 2

{1; Brandy Melville dress, 2; Topshop sandals,, 3; Steven Alan top,, 4; Dash and Lily’s book of  Dares,, 5; Pencil set,, 6; Marc by Marc Jacobs Daisy earrings,}

1; As you know, the new Brandy Melville store opened up just last week, and I had the chance to go yesterday. This dress was a part of my total purchase, and I love it so much! You can see my post of the new store opening here.

2; I just ordered these shoes this morning from The Bay, and I can’t wait till they arrive. Will keep you all posted!

3; I recently discovered Steven Alan via Sarah, and I must say I have fallen in love with the simplistic, chic and vintage clothing. This top just looks so comfortable.

4; I picked this book up at the library this week, looking for a good new book, and I must say it did not disappoint. Dash and Lily’s book of Dares is a cute love story about a girl who leaves a notebook in a used bookstore in New York, and a boy finds it. The two then begin communicating through the book and eventually meet, falling in love.

5; I lent the majority of my pencils to my friends this week, and I think it’s time to get more. It’s clear I’m not getting any of them back. So, in an attempt to find the perfect set of pencils, I stumbled upon these on Etsy. And, the best part is that these are all some of my actual favourite things!

6; You will probably end up seeing the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume necklace that I own in various outfit pictures to come, and these are the matching earrings! How cute! These are definitely going on my wish list.

So, these are this week’s faves. Did any of you find anything new this week that you absolutely love?

Friday Favorites

Finally, the day I’ve been waiting for all week… Friday! I’ve decided to start a new weekly post on my blog called ‘Friday Favorites’, where I shall post my top items of the week. Be it a pattern, song, outfit, photo, post, anything!

So, without further ado, I now present my first ever friday favorites!

friday favorites 1

{1; Steven Alan hat,, 2; Kate Spade radio clutch,, 3; Acne music tank,, 4; The Row sunglasses,, 5; Madison Harding shoes,, 6; Essie nail polish,, 7; Chanel Lover print,}

1; I am a big fan of hats, and this one is perfect for the season. It’s summery, yet the black makes it a year round staple.

2; Kate Spade has the best clutches. Her book clutches are especially cute, such as ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Lolita’, but when I saw the radio clutch, it became my all time favorite.

3; Seeing as how I’m a big fan of music, this shirt certainly caught my eye. This shirt would go great with so many outfits, and it’s definitely a great basic!

4; I love The Row, and these sunglasses are totally vintage!

5; Madison Harding is one of my all-time favorite shoe designers. Her sandals are versatile and stylish!

6; I just bought this nail polish color, ‘Lapiz of Luxury’, and put it on my nails yesterday. This color is great, and it is the perfect blue in the sense that it doesn’t wash out my skin tone like some lighter blues would.

7; Etsy has become one of my favorite online shopping destinations, and I came across emmakisstina‘s profile on the site. She has a handful of doodled prints ranging from perfumes to nail polishes and everything in between. Check out her blog here.

The quote is also something I discovered this week… I go into more detail on my thoughts about this quote here.