Festival Fashions


I’m going to Osheaga this weekend, a local music festival, and the thought only hit me now that I actually have to plan what I’m going to wear! Here’s just a little bit of inspiration I came up with.

festival fashions header

fashion fest 3 days




It’s friday!

And you know what that means… I won’t even go too much into it. Anyways, we’re having another huge party tonight, that’ll be the fourth weekend in a row!

Favorite Quote (via Calder Clark)


Favorite Outfit (via Ring My Bell)


Favorite DIY (via Kelli Murray)



Favorite Food (Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers with Avocado via Lunch Box Bunch)



Favorite Home Scene (via Pinterest)



Favorite Design (via Pinterest)




Enjoy your weekend!


The Sweetest Sixteen (Part 2)

Yesterday was my birthday, and oh how sweet it was!

I started off the morning by writing the majority of my thank you cards! Somehow, mom always captures the moment in her photos. All my gifts from the night before were still around me!

Also, you might have realized this already, but I am absolutely in love with my sweet sixteen dress! I don’t think there has ever been anything else I would wear two days straight in a row!


My amazing godmother gave me this lovely Tiffany necklace the night before, and it’s so gorgeous that I had to put it on.


I opened the presents from my parents, and got quite a few lovely surprises! They got me the most beautiful pair of earrings!!


From there, we headed downtown for a bit of shopping, and then sushi for dinner! Yum!




Thank you everyone once again for all the birthday wishes!!

xoxo, Ali

The Sweetest Sixteen

Last night, I had my sixteenth birthday party! I had my dad’s side of the family over, all five of his siblings and my many cousins, second cousins, etc. I also had ten or so friends, all close ones, to celebrate the day. I didn’t want something too extravagant, so it was a simple party. Still one of the best nights of my life! My band and I performed, and the theme revolved around Rock ‘N Roll. Obviously, with all the other stuff that has been going on, this was sort of a last minute thing, and I only got the invitations out a two weeks earlier. Here are just a few photos of the night.


Going with the theme (and my party invitations), I made a few decorations for around the house. There were an array of records around the house, each with one of my favorite songs of all time.






Blowing out the candles!


My lovely parents and I!


My amazing and wonderfully creative mother made her special carrot cake, in the shape (and colours too) of my guitar!! It was amazing! I didn’t get any good photos of it unfortunately, I was too caught up in the moment!


This was my special creation. One of the desserts, was this ice cream bar, that ended up being a huge hit, not only for the kids but also the adults!!




And of course, my lovely second cousin Mia and I!


The night was amazing! I ended up staying awake until 3:30 am, opening all my gifts and jumping up and down. I was just too excited to go to sleep. John, our family friend, stayed after and we enjoyed some more wine (for the adults) and the lovely laughter of the evening. It was all unforgettable!

So today is my actual birthday, and after last night, I don’t know how much better it could get!

Anyways, I’m off to write my thank you cards!

xo, Ali

Happy Friday!

Today really feels like summer! It’s finally beautiful outside, after a week of rain and extreme humidity! I’m really starting to get into that summer groove, especially since I’m having my sweet sixteen tomorrow! I’m continuing what seems to be my new favorite blogging tradition with a new issue of ‘Friday Favorites’!

Favorite Summer Design (via Pinterest)


Favorite Words (via Pinterest)


Favorite Summer Scene (via Pinterest)


Favorite Outfit (via The Sartorialist)


Favorite Hair Ideas (via The Everygirl)


Favorite DIY (via Wit & Whistle)


Summertime Sessions

july playlist 2013

July is one of my favorite months of the year. Not only does it hold my birthday, but it is also the perfect time to host and enjoy parties and other events, which always keeps me busy during this time of year.

Hope you enjoy keeping busy to this playlist! Check out the songs here.

Some More S’mores, Please?

It seems that the new food phenomenon seems to be the old traditional campfire favorite, s’mores. A slice of Hershey’s chocolate and a marshmallow stacked between two delicious graham crackers. Now, everyone’s experimenting with this simple treat, and it’s got my mouth watering. I’m not even a huge s’mores fan, but I just love to see all these crazy creations.

S’mores Ice Cream Cake (via How Sweet It Is)


S’mores Popcorn (via Crazy Little Projects)


S’mores Ice Cream (via Brown Eyed Baker)


S’mores Cookie Cake (via Macaroni and Cheesecake)


S’mores Stuffed French Toast (via BS in the Kitchen)


S’mores Pizza (via Dinner of Dessert)


S’mores Cookie Bars (via Mel’s Kitchen Cafe)

s'mores cookie bars

Miniature S’mores Pies (via Chef In Training)


S’mores Campfire Bars (via Sweetened with Honey)

campfire bars

These are only a few of my favorites, and if you want to see more, check out my s’mores dedicated Pinterest board here.

Does anyone have any other s’mores creations? Let me know, I’d love to hear all your recipes!

Style Inspiration: Christina Caradona

Christina Caradona, the girl behind Trop Rouge, is my latest fashion role model. She is certainly one super-chic girl, and I love all her outfits. Not only that, but she also lives in my favorite city (New York, in case you didn’t know), which is basically a given.

Here are some of my favorite looks from her blog.















Dinner at the Golf Club

My fellow canadians, Happy Canada Day! To celebrate this holiday, my family, friends and I are off to the golf club for a wonderful barbecue!


{shirt: Charlotte Russe, vest: vintage, purse: Urban Outfitters, skirt: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Vintage}